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Northwestern Electric Cooperative

Outage Update Jan. 24, 10:30 a.m. 

The main distribution lines, tap lines, and residential services are back on for members receiving power from the Vici, Woodward, Curtis, Iodine and Cedardale subs. Some water wells and leases may still be without power.

The majority of the lines coming from the Fargo and Fort Supply subs are restored. There are still several lines down in these areas and the crews hope to have them up and going in the next day or two.

The main lines coming from the Arnett sub were severely... damaged. We have several crews in the area rebuilding the lines. We're still expecting the power to be off in this area for at least another week or more.

Areas north and south of Shattuck and the counties of Beaver and Harper have miles of main distribution lines and tap lines on the ground. Some power has been restored in these regions, but it will be one to two weeks, possibly more before the power is back on to all essential services.

Our main focus remains on getting the main distribution lines up before moving on to the tap lines. We work to get the essential services - residentials, hospitals, critical water wells - on first. Once crews are finished restoring the power to essential services, they are migrating to the harder hit areas to help speed up the restoration efforts.

We know how desperately each of you need your power restored. The crews are giving maximum effort to get the power back on as quickly and safely as they can. We thank you for being so kind and patient with us as we continue our restoration efforts.

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