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Northwestern Electric Cooperative

Occasionally, as people come and go, the number of members residing in the various NWEC districts becomes skewed.  When this happens, redistricting becomes necessary in order that each member of the NWEC Board of Directors represent approximately the same number of members.  

According to NWEC Bylaw 6.1 District Equality, not less than sixty days before any meeting of the members at which Trustees are to be elected, the Board of Trustees shall review the composition of the several districts and, if it should be found that inequalities in representation have developed which can be corrected by a redelineation of districts, the Board of Trustees shall reconstitute the districts so that each shall contain as nearly as possible the same number of members.  

The board has decided to move forward with a proposed Bylaw change which will be voted on by the NWEC membership at the annual meeting scheduled for April 11, 2019.  If the membership votes in favor of redistricting, NWEC will notify members of the changes.

Click here to view to compare the current districts with the proposed districts.

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